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    Ruin His Orgasm

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

    Clip Description

    Maya is giving him a great, very wet handjob between her legs.
    she drive him to the edge, and whe he start shooting his huge blasts
    she stop and ruin his orgasm.

    wmv hd version 1280x720p

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv134.67 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

    Maya's Handjobs - Ruin His Orgasm

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    Quick Riding - One of the rare movies where maya is cockriding.
she give him a nice teasing and hj and when he is hard enough she moves on the top and start riding him.
he plays with her boobies while fucking her and finaly at the end shoot his load over her pussy and ass.
nice quickie clip.

wmv hd version 1280x720p dd5.1

    2 Cumshots Between My Legs - Nice 2 cumshots in this clip.
i'm jerking him between my legs, close to my pussy from an interesting angle.
he can't stay long when such view is exposed to him,
and he shoot a huge untouched load but I continue jerking him and bring him to another cumshot.

wmv  1920x1080p dd 5.1

    3 Huge Cumshots - 3 incredible cumshots in this clip.
this is realy oragasm after orgasm, maya make him cum 3 times in 4 minutes, just unbelievable.
when he is near the edge the first time ,maya squeeze him very hard to prevent him from shooting his cum out but his cum pressure is so high that he finaly shoot out his sperm in the big blast high in the air.
she continue working on him and repeat the procedure but this time when she start working him he start shooting again instantly , it's just orgasm after orgasm, the first one doesn't finish for good and he start another one.
just unbelievable , you must see this to believe.
wmv hd version 1280x720p dd5.1