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    Rach Hogtied For The First Time

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Bondage Models - Rach Hogtied For The First Time

    Clip Description

    This is rach my new model and she is tied up in her pants and top,this is the first time she has been tied up and I think she liked it and will defo be back for more.

    so if you have any ideas for her to try please let me know.

    Clip Duration:      1 minute
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    wmv45.92 MB

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    Paradiseloads Of Ropes - This is paradise,i asked what she wanted to do and she said tie me with as many ropes as you can so I did,watch as I tie her arms with 3 ropes then lay er on the bed and tie her some more.

    Claire Hogtied In Boots - This is a quick hogtie I did with claire while she was wearing her boots,she loves being tied up and I will be working with her again very soon.

hope you like her.

    Violets Bondage Day - This is violet and this was the first time she had been tied up like this.

this set is all the ties of her day put together  for one long clip,ive added some images so you can see what ties she had a go at,hope you like her.

    Sky And Claire Hogtied Game - This is sky and claire two friends who wanted to have a go at being tied up together,so I decided to put them both in a hogtie side by side and see if they could help each other out.

both wearing sexy clothes and both blindfolded.