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Diaper Punishment


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    Kinky Clothes
    To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Clip Description

    Elise is being punished for purposely urinating in her diaper and then masturbating. Bob, who is sick of changing her diaper, decides to teach her a lesson she won't soon forget. Instead of changing her right away bob drops the heavy bambino to the floor and unloads a torrent of his own urine into it before placing the filthy diaper back onto her. He then places her into bondage, spanks her and then leaves her for an hour.

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
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    wmv269.13 MB

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    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment -  To Wear Someones Messy Diaper

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    Hd Version  All The Bathrooms Are Full - (hd version of movie by the same name 1440x1080 5.1 surround sound) zayda needs to urinate bad. When she runs from her bedroom to the bathroom she finds bob has already beaten her to it. She runs down the hall to the other bathroom but finds the door locked and no one answering. Frustrated and urgent she leans against the hallway wall and urinates into her diaper. Knowing she'll get in trouble for this she runs back into her bedroom and quickly changes her diaper and hides the soiled one between the mattresses of her bed.

    Diapered Frank Kept In A Hole - Elise found frank's diaper pornography where he's been hiding it. He still doesn't want to admit the porn is really is, so elise puts him in a diaper, cuts a hole out for his ass hole and shoves an ass hook into him. She ties that off at the neck and then chains him with manacles and a collar down in a hole under the house. After awhile frank grows increasingly  and turned on. Unable to touch himself he does his best to hump the wall in chains and a diaper.

    Diapered Elise Spends Time In A Hole - Bob is fed up with finding elise’s dirty diapers around the house. To teach her a lesson he fits a heavy wooden stock around her neck, just a big wooden square her heads pokes through, and puts a diaper on her. Then he runs the chain around her waist and through her crotch and tightly secures it with a lock. Then he places steel manacles around her wrists and chains them to her waist. Additional manacles go over her ankles with a short, heavy chain between them. He marches her to the hole in his floor and puts her inside and closes the top.  It is dirty and dank down there, with old food boxes and a large rat trap near her corner. She looks around her space, bumping her stocks into the narrow walls beside her. She can hardly move in her bondage and looks for a way to just sit down and wait for what’s next. When she grows increasingly bored she tries her hand at masturbation through her diaper and the chain that runs over it and her pussy.

    You Let The Diaper Supply Run Out - (full hd 1280x720 @ 6m/sec.) Having let the supply of diapers run dry ash is going to be punished with a very large enema while she is locked in stocks. Bob fills the enema bag with several quarts of water and then shoves the nozzle into her butt. Once she has taken the water in her belly becomes quite distended. Bob grabs a tena diaper and places the nappy snugly onto her. She begs him to let her release it. She tells him how uncomfortable her belly feels. Just when she starts to become hysterical for release bob gives her permission to go. Immediately she starts and the diaper can be seen bulging outward from the pressure in her ass. It also becomes very stained and heavy. Lots of noise is associated with her release. Once she has released it all bob grabs a paddle and starts to paddle her over the heavy, soiled diaper squishing it all in around her pussy. He then leaves her there as he goes out for some lunch.

    Hd Version  Diapered Elise Struggles In A Hogtie - (hd version of movie by the same name 1440x1080 5.1 surround sound) bob has found one too many of elise's diaper's stuck in between the cushions of the couch. She doesn't like to wear them when she goes out for fear of her friends finding out. To teach her a lesson bob diapers her, cuts a hole out of the diaper where her little asshole is and sticks an ass hook up in her. He leaves her there as she struggles in her diaper.

    Locked In A Waterproof Cage Holding An Enema And Diapered - Bob is sick and tired of ash’s diaper fetish. After chastising her for wearing something either an old person or a would wear he decides to punish her. He gives her a very large enema, makes her put on a diaper and then tells her to crawl into a clear, water tight cage. He then padlocks the lid closed and lets her know she is going to be in there for a few hours. Unable to hold her enema she explodes into the diaper. Even through the sealed cage the sound of the water ejecting from her asshole can clearly be heard. In fact, several times an explosion of water is heard and the diaper she is wearing becomes very saggy and stained. Unfortunately for her, she isn’t coming out of that cage for awhile. The smell inside is horrific. Often she pushes her face up to a small hole in the lid of the cage to try and get some fresh air. Bob just heads out the door and jumps in his car to go run errands.

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