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Diaper Punishment


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    Juniper Messes Her Diaper

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    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

    Clip Description

    Juniper is lounging on her bed reading a book. So engaged she finds that she would rather mess her diaper than to get up and go to the bathroom. Bob comes to fetch her for dinner only to find she messed her diaper. Upset he bends her over the knee and paddles her messy diapered behind. Afterward, he pulls her diaper down to find a big mess. He then cleans her up, powders her behind and puts on a fresh diaper.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
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    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

    Messy Diaper Punishment - Juniper Messes Her Diaper

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    Elise Explodes Her Punishment Into Her Diaper - Bob finds another pair of elise's diapers hidden in the trash. To punish her for this he decides to give her an enema. He then diapers her and chains the daiper onto her while she is made to clean the bathroom. Unable to hold the 3 quart enema elise begins to cramp up while scrubbing the tub. Before she knows it she explodes a mess into her diaper that ends up running down her leg and pooling onto the floor beneath her.	

(real enema, real release, no edits during or after the enema)

    Can Marley's Bambinos Hold Her Enema? - Marley, caught wearing small pull-ups which fail to contain her messes, is punished with an enema while in bondage which she releases into her bambinos. (No edits or cuts during the entire enema scene. Big, messy, real release! Real bondage and real mess.)

    Zayda Embarrassed By Messy Diaper - Zayda is in her room preparing for an overnight trip to a friend's house. Bob walks in to check on her and notices that she hasn't packed any diapers for the overnight. Zayda doesn't want to have to wear a diaper to her friend's house because she is worried that her friend will discover she has to wear diapers. Bob puts his foot down and tells zayda she can't make the trip if she doesn't put on her diaper right now. After getting her diaper on bob leaves her to finish packing. When he returns he can smell that she messed her pants already. After changing her diaper he sends her off to her friends. While they bake cookies together in the kitchen zayda bends down to check on the stove and reveals her diapers to her friend. Embarrassed and  her friend makes her show the diapers to her.

    Marley's Overnight Diaper Enema - Marley has been having a good number of accidents lately so bob wants to teach her a lesson. He comes into her room to find her wearing only her bambinos. He has marley bend over the end of the bed, opens her diaper to reveal her butt and proceeds to give her a 3qt. Enema. It is a lot of her to take, she moans and squirms about in discomfort before bob finally empties the enema bag. Once she is full he refastens the diaper and puts her to bed for the night, cramps and all. When he comes to wake her in the morning he finds she has been unable to hold her enema during the night. After cleaning her up she gets a fresh diaper change.

    Marley’s Urgent Need To Go - Marley just discovered the bathroom is taken and bob has left her with a butt plug in her ass. Needing to go badly she runs into her bedroom and jumps onto her bed to start pushing the whole mess out.

    Elise's Messy Mistake - Bob is in his room reading a book when elise knocks on his door to tell him she messed in her diaper. Bob isn't too happy about this and lets elise know she is going to have to stay in a diaper for a week straight. After changing her messy diaper he puts on a fresh diaper and sends her to her room.

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