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    Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Clip Description

    Caught wearing panties -
    part 4: caged sissy plaything

    dr. Wildefyre opens this scene with the hottest, most sexually charged, padlocking scene - and the biggest padlock - i’ve ever seen. The highly specialized sissy cage is the centerpiece of her twisted laboratory and has been the subject of much speculation.

    once poor “paulette” is ****** into sheer thigh high sparkle pink stockings and ballet boots, we reveal the secret to “cinderella’s cage” - it is on a powered hoist!

    this unfortunate sissy was foolish enough to taunt the doctor, claiming that he would be able to escape. Now she has challenged him to remove his hood… the only piece of bondage that isn’t locked in place with a pink padlock!

    he has never seen the dungeon before and is rewarded with an incredible view from the ceiling of the enormous medicaltoys facility, now the secret location of asylum diabolica‘s most insane experiment yet!

    the doctor rewards his escape artistry with a “spin” around the dungeon, pointing out the bondage cart, spanking bench, rigidcuffs cage and fiberglass iron maiden. The pvc, satin, latex and ruffled sissy and sexy women’s clothing lines the entire length of the warehouse, ******* and ready… waiting for its sissy target.

    there are high heels, wigs and doll hoods the likes of which to drive any “masculine” man insane and still the list goes on and on in a dizzying array of highly specialized feminization fetish gear. This cowboy has no idea what he has gotten himself into!

    now our sissy is a helpless, bouncing ball - literally - our plaything for the most delightful and surreal game of catch the fetish world has ever seen!

    this is the first day of 5 that paulette spent with us at http://****medicaltoys**** under 24/7 lock and key at the hands of 3 dominant, sadistic women.

    mistress amanda wildefyre is a one-of-a-kind pro domme and bondage artist that I have had the privilege to train under. He website can be found at http://****castlediabolica****

    this amazing video set would not have been possible without the help and expertise of my friends at http://****seriousimages****

    to see more of me, keep coming back to http://****aliceinbondageland**** for weekly updates, stories, blogs, videos, photos and real bondage adventures.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
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    wmv58.53 MB

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    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand - Caged Sissy Plaything Pt 4 Caught Wearing Panties

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i know you covet my dirty panties.

when I am done fingering my pussy through these sheer pink panties, they will be the freshest ones you have ever sniffed!

so go ahead, take my dirty black lace panties out of the hamper. I know you have been wanting to... Put them on while I watch and masturbate!

if you manage to please me, perhaps I will let you have these wet, smelly, panties right off of my body when I am done! If I really want to prepare these panties for my sniffing slut, I should get as turned on as possible while wearing them... It arouses me even more when I can see your reaction.

so, show me your hard cock, barely restrained in black lace. I want to see how turned on you are for me and my panties!

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    Permanently Pantied Jail Cell Pt 3 Crossdressing Asylum - Crossdressing asylum -
part 3: permanently pantied jail cell incarceration

silence isn’t golden anymore… it is bright pink!

paulette is now double gagged and locked down completely with pink leather straps and even pink padlocks! We’ve gone from “nice and tight” to “nasty and tight!”

dr. Wildefyre isn’t gentle as she ****** our captive into yet another layer of sensory deprivation and loss of control. Paulette takes this severe, inflatable, mouth-stuffing gag well for someone who’s never been ****** to suck anything before. The locking pink leather hood has never been worn and requires extensive, forceful “stretching” before it begins to fit our patient.

paulette is already wearing a full body set of matching pvc fetish wear restraints. From the custom locking straightjacket, to the hobble skirt we have laced tight, to the tips of her thigh high boots, she is encased completely in pink bondage!

complete immobilization is not enough, so we take it to the next level! Time to strap the patient down into an intricate, institutional, full-body reclining wheelchair for transport to her new, ultra-secure jail cell.

gone are the pink frilly curtains in her padded cell… and instead she is ready to be encased in steel bars! Paulette is helpless as we wheel her from the transport truck to her new, hard-core prison.

after 2 foiled escape attempts, paulette is now in maximum security lock down at our inescapable remote facility as we prepare to peel away yet another layer of “her“ former masculinity!

escape is now completely impossible. Paulette will be our sissy slave forever!

visit me at http://****aliceinbondageland**** for weekly updates, videos, photos writing and bondage adventures!

    Ballet Boots Jail Cell Pt 1 Hogtie Suspension Femdom - “gumbi ******* around in ballet boots…”

gumbi is a very special slave, with an insatiable love for latex and heavy rubber bondage… as well as for severe cock and ball ******* (cbt for those of you who are acronym fetishists).

before our play even begins, I make sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit. The codpiece built into this suit allows me to ******* his cock and testicles as much as I want to without having to undress him from his latex encasement.

i particularly love the sexy purple and blue halter-top catsuit that I am wearing in this video. It bares just the right amount of skin and the hidden zipper allows me perfect access to my pussy when I want to pleasure myself (too bad my slave doesn’t get to enjoy it fully yet).

the spikes that line his cock ring mean that ever touch, every bit of arousal, ever ounce of lust is immediately and painfully punished. Gumbi is extraordinarily sensitive and responsive and I love tormenting him; torturing him until he whimpers, begs and even screams for me. Those of you who enjoy gag-talk will love our special language of grunts and growls because he isn’t getting out of his inflated rubber gag any time soon!

i ***** him to wear sky-high sexy high heel ballet boots for me, rendering him helpless to even stand up straight without assistance. There are so many layers of bondage in this scene! These shoes are so severe that they alone could assure inescapability if you locked them on with a matching pair of mitts… but these incredibly shoes are only the beginning of what I have in store for my lucky slave.

when I see how much he is turned on by being ****** to wear sexy shoes for me, I decide to tease him with my own sexy black high heeled pumps. These classic patent leather beauties are my favorite shoes both in and out of the dungeon. I crush his puny cock with the stiletto heel while he moans through the gag and then smother his face with my sexy latex covered ass. I finger my pussy and wipe my juices all over his face… knowing, the whole time, that every piece of pleasure that I give him is also increasing his pain against the spiked cock ring!

but I am still not satisfied with his level of helplessness, so I take it up a notch and put him into a highly specialized leather harness… suspending him securely in an elaborate hog tie! These buckles can’t be beat… especially once I render his hands helpless with inflatable latex mitts that lock down tight!

once he is blindfolded, mittened and dangling from the ceiling, I use his helpless body to pleasure myself and then ***** him into even more layers of bondage.

see more videos, photos, blogs and stories at ****aliceinbondageland****

for more crossdressing and forcedfem, check out http://****aliceinsissyland****

    Sissy Maid Punishment  Full Movie  Femdom - Crossdressing maid punishment - full movie

“enforced crossdressing” videos seldom live up to their reputation. In fact, for most sissy subbies, it takes very little pressure at all to put them into panties.

yet still, the fantasy of being ****** into panties by a beautiful woman is incredibly compelling. In this spirit, I present a crossdressing video that is really under duress.

my slave gets more aroused and more confused the more I feminize him.

this newbie submissive disobeyed my order to dress in a pvc sissy maid uniform for my special tea party. He claims to be a straight “manly man.” This is his punishment.

first, I bind his hands high above his head so that he will be helpless to resist. Then, I begin to break apart his rough, tough, straight male exterior piece by piece, mercilessly taunting him with each ruffled, girly, lacy, pretty piece of clothing that I have picked out for him.

i raided the entire costume department of a famous fetish studio to put this incredible feminine outfit together. Panties, stockings, garters, petticoats and more panties… it all culminate in his first ballet boots walking lesson!

watch me take this straight boy and turn him into my perfect sissy slave slut!

for more of my bondage adventures, visit http://****aliceinbondageland**** for weekly video updates, stories, photos and the chronicles of my kinky life!

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