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All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only.
All content is consensual and is acted out by models of legal age.

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 Broke Pig Challenge How Broke Can You Go
10 minutes

  Broke Pig Challenge How Broke Can You Go - Includes - Verbal *********** - Financial Domination - Smack talk - Ebony Female Domination - Ebony - Verbal ***** - Financial slave training - Femdom POV - task setting - money management - financial ruination fantasy - blackmail fantasy - manipulatrix - mind fuck - taboo 

Today's challenge is real. Very real. And it will hurt you in the sweet spot! Your wallet!

So frikking owned aren't you broke pig? Broke aint looking like the easy way out now is it?  Only A Woman Can Rub Me Up The Right Way
15 minutes

  Only A Woman Can Rub Me Up The Right Way - Includes - latex - latex fetish - rubber fetish - interracial - sensual massage - massage - female domination   

slave was previously called upon to massage his Mistresses but he failed miserably. Now he is facing the most twisted punishment ever. He has to sit on his miserable useless hands and watch as Mistresses demonstrate to him just how they want to be worshipped by him.

Mistresses slowly lube up and rub the oil all over each other as the slave watches, desperately horny. They are very clearly enjoying feeling each other up and discovering each other's erogenous zones and the slave is ruing his inability to have satisfied either of them earlier.

And as they get more and more excited the slave can only sit there in dismay as the lube slides and the two Dommes rub each other up.
 You Love To Suffer For Me
13 minutes

  You Love To Suffer For Me - Your whole existence revolves around me. Your life only has purpose because I choose to acknowledge your existence.

slaves like you flock to me, and you are excited whenever I bathe you with my divine attention!

Your life knows only one meaning, and that is the meaning that I choose to give it. If I so desire I can make you endure endless pain and ***********. All so I can smile or giggle at your misfortune awhile. Isn't that beautiful pet? That your very existence is only a passing tidbit of entertainment for me?

Just as it should be.

I want you to hurt for me.

I want you to sacrifice for me.

You love to suffer for me.

And that is what I wish for you.  Disgusting Cocks Get Obliterated
10 minutes

  Disgusting Cocks Get Obliterated - Includes - Verbal *********** - Small Penis *********** - Penis size comparison - Penis size degradation - Verbal beatdown - Laughing - Smacktalk - Performance put down


Roadkill cocks! Nasty disgusting penises like yours should just be lobbed off with a tiny pair of tweezers and **** out to dry! Ewww!

Look at it! Is it growing? How on earth could a tiny little thing like that look just as tiny but with horrid drool on the end of it? Seriously?!?! I never saw anything as sad as your pweenis!

We can't believe that the little thing you have gave you enough courage to crawl up to us and beg for attention! Hahahah! How pathetic!

You want attention? We are ready to give you a 3sum baby! You , Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Black... Right here on the floor! Get that thing here under our heels! Stomp! HAHAHAHAHAH

Did you actually think we were going to ride it? Pah! Only good for squashing! And we're going to squish it good!
 Triple Dickdown
22 minutes

  Triple Dickdown - Includes - interracial domination - sph - triple domination - slave training - blowjobs - male cock suckers - cock worship - verbal *********** - bbc worship   

Mistresses and Master want their slave to do a good job. But he is being disgustingly incompetent - as always!

They know he has not been blessed in the trouser department with any cock at all, and so learning to worship Master's cock adequately will be a huge stretch for him. Literally!

But to see him on his knees practising sloppily on their cocks as he works his way up to the magic wonder is laughable. slave is already struggling before he's hit the big one.

So Master makes him jerk his cock off before he has to put it in his mouth!  Your Flat Chested Girlfriend Knows You Have A Boob Addiction
11 minutes

  Your Flat Chested Girlfriend Knows You Have A Boob Addiction - Includes - mind fuck - tit fetish - big tits - pov handjobs - humiliatrix - manipulatrix - entrapment - cock tease - seduction - femdom pov - ebony female domination  


Come on in. Close the door.

Don't worry, your girlfriend's gone for a few hours. I told  her you could chill at mine while she does some stuff.

So tell me something.

She was telling me the other day that she found pics of me on your computer. That you logged in using her FB account and downloaded some of my holiday bikini pics? Is that true?


Nawh I ain't even mad at you! I'm flattered actually. Apparently most of those pics were about my tits. Do you like my tits?

Mmm, I figured you did.

What about if I pull my top down, just unbutton it here like this...

Mmmm, what's going on in your pants big boi! Looks like something is stirring in there. 

Can I touch it?

C'mon don't worry. I'm not gonna tell her. I always kinda knew you had a thing for me. I think it's hot if we did something and she had no clue. After all you'd be upgrading to the big titty committee here. She has nothing going on in the bra department. Maybe you can even titty fuck me every once in a while...

Would you like that?

Mmm oh yes! Let's have a look at that cock then. I'm dying to stroke it...

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 Chastity Lockup
14 minutes
  Chastity Lockup - Haha!

You are here to serve boi! And you are going to serve good.

We see your letters, always begging for some sort of affection from your Dominants. When in reality you are secretly wishing you could have a Masterful cock like your Master's huh?

When you said you were ready to serve us both did you really think we would allow your little cocklet to interfere with your ability to serve? Now what kind of Doms would we be? Of course you are about to get locked away!

The only thing you get to choose is which device it will be...

Well, you can't say we don't value your opinion now can you?

So you're going straight into lock-up, and you are going to have to learn your lesson. You and every other cocklet just like you! If you want to be released then it will be a long and painful journey. Which will involve quite a lot of getting down and dirty putting that li'l whore mouth of yours to good use. All the while without allowing you to splooge that nasty cream from your skin tag!   Cum For Glory
8 minutes
  Cum For Glory - Includes - Jerk off instruction - Masturbation Encouragement - Verbal *********** - Tease and Denial - Cum Eating Instructions - Cock Tease - Handjob simulation

 Mmm, hello there pet. 

As soon as you saw me you started drooling didn't you? All of a sudden you find yourself drooling and you don't even know why?

I can tell you why.

See, you know something about me that makes your cock throb and tingle. You know how hot I find it when you touch yourself just for me. Gets me dripping wet. But not because I just want to see you jerk off... no...

You know I get hot and wet just thinking about how that jizz is going to shoot right up and all over your face, and the way you're going to lick it from between your fingers just for me....

I know it's not really your thing. But you know something? I just have a feeling about you... I just know that you'd like it. If you gave it a chance that is...

You would ***** cum to please me.

You would ***** cum for the glory of being called my cumguzzling bitch!

So do it.

Do it now...

Right here, with me..
 Shrunken Human Dildo Full Clip
22 minutes
  Shrunken Human Dildo  Full Clip - Includes - giantess - femdom pov - giantess - slave training - shrinking - shrinking fetish - foot fetish - foot domination - huge feet - crush - fetish - inserted as a dildo - used as a sex toy   

You are Mistress's new Domestic slave in training. But training is definitely something you are greatly lacking. After being left for hours to your own devices the house is still a mess! And the gardening hasn't been touched at all!

Mistress is furious! She goes looking for you but can't find you! You cheeky sod!

When she finally catches up with you she finds you lounging around like you're on holiday. When she asks you what you've been doing all this time your answers don't amuse her!

She's so fed up with you that she's not willing to listen to your lies anymore. She found the porn on your phone and guessed you were otherwise tied up instead of doing your work.

You're no use to her so she pulls out a magic powder and blows it in your face!

You feel yourself shrinking rapidly and, before you can help it you are the size of a mouse!

Shock and horror fill you but Mistress pins you down!

Bet you didn't know that she came from a long line of African voodoo Princesses didn't you? Too late for you... She's decided that she's going to make you useful one way or the other.

Maybe you would be more amusing as a crushed bit of slave? Mmm, she finds this amusing. As she slowly presses down on your now very frail bones she licks her lips at how easily she could snap you in half!

You always said you felt so small in her presence. You probably never realised just how true that statement was did you?

Now even her feet could completely cover you and squish you like a bug!

The fear on your tiny face just makes your Mistress giggle! Such a shame that you were pathetic as a Domestic slave. You might have a new calling as a jester!

She thinks she wants to have a bit more fun with you though. Just before you know.... she ends you!

Seeing as you were watching porn already you must be nice and horny right now huh?

You know Mistress sometimes has sex slaves. And she's feeling a bit frisky now herself. She wonders whether you would be any use as a sex slave now you are so small...

She lies on the couch and hitches her skirt up. You try to escape but your tiny limbs are no match for Mistress's vice-like grip. 

Maybe she will try and put that tiny cock of yours inside her pussy...

Mmm... no

Too small.

Ah, you are just about the right size if she slides you in feet first.... 



That feels good.

Oh! Your wriggling and kicking is only making her more excited! Keep doing that, but don't kick too hard. She might lose her grip then you'd slip right into the folds of her slippery wet cunt. There would be no saving you then would there....?

In and out, in and out...

She slides you into her pussy.

Her breathing is getting heavier now. She is enjoying herself too much!

Oh! She wants to put you all in now! The ultimate insertion! Even your head! She slides you in as far as you will go, and you feel darkness engulf you as you slide into that warm dark hole forever....  Chastity Mindfuck Guide
27 minutes
  Chastity Mindfuck Guide - Meditation guide for true chastity slaves
 Im Going To Smoke You Tiny Man
13 minutes
  Im Going To Smoke You Tiny Man - Includes - giantess - femdom pov - smoking - big tits - huge tits - titties - crushed between tits - shrinking - shrinking fetish - rolled up as a cigarette - smoked alive - crushed  
He really shouldn't have told her not to smoke.

She had seemed upset at the time, but he couldn't possibly have imagined just how lethal she could be when she was upset!

Now he was shrunk down and nestled between her massive tits. There was no way out! And as she had bounced back home she had almost crushed him between those massive jugs of hers. He could hardly breathe! But she had other plans in store for him!

You see, when she decided she was going to smoke no one was going to tell her otherwise. And now that she had him in her realm she was going to light up! But with a difference! He was going to be rolled up in the cigarette and smoked like a human cigarette!

She let the tobacco fall deliberately on his body as he lay helpless pinned to the table. Each flake felt like a heavy boulder being dropped onto him but his discomfort only made her laugh cruelly.

When he was completely immobilised she wrapped the paper tightly around him, licking the edges to seal him in. Now she licked his head for good measure, savouring the taste of the addictive tobacco on the tip of her tongue.

Then it was time to light up! Sucking on him as she pulled the smoke in. He could feel the hot smoke engulf him each and every time... Torturous! Unbelievably hot and overwhelming. And just as he thought he couldn't hold on any longer she inhaled. And exhaled again deeply, covering him in acrid smoke!

Would he survive this smoking ordeal? Find out inside...  Sit And Watch Me Smoke Human Ashtray
22 minutes
  Sit And Watch Me Smoke Human Ashtray - Take a break with me while I have a cigarette and paint my fingernails. Let me tell you my plans for this room I am sitting in as you enjoy some special undisturbed time with your Mistress.

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  Broke Pig Challenge How Broke Can You Go

Broke Pig Challenge How Broke Can You Go


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  Only A Woman Can Rub Me Up The Right Way

Only A Woman Can Rub Me Up The Right Way


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  You Love To Suffer For Me

You Love To Suffer For Me


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  Disgusting Cocks Get Obliterated

Disgusting Cocks Get Obliterated


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  Triple Dickdown

Triple Dickdown


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  Your Flat Chested Girlfriend Knows You Have A Boob Addiction

Your Flat Chested Girlfriend Knows You Have A Boob Addiction


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Shiny Butts


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  Rubber Goddess Worship

Rubber Goddess Worship


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  Broke Pig Challenge Broke Pigs Go Oink

Broke Pig Challenge Broke Pigs Go Oink


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Worship My Mega High Boots


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  Powerful Leather Gloves Extract A Confession

Powerful Leather Gloves Extract A Confession


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  Sniffers Row Containment

Sniffers Row Containment


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  Watching This Clip Will Make Your Cock Grow

Watching This Clip Will Make Your Cock Grow


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Femdom Extreme


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  Winner Cums First

Winner Cums First


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