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The Estate Agent

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Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

Clip Description

The estate agent is called to conduct a viewing for a mysterious lady in a quiet residential area of London. He doesn't know much except that she is looking for a quiet house where the neighbours won't be an issue. He thinks this is amusing, but of course in his line of work odd things happen more often than not.

When he meets her she is dismissive and blunt. He leads her to the house where her demeanour changes remarkably. Once inside she starts flirting with him, making suggestive remarks about how much noise she could make in the house, whether the granite work surfaces can take a human body sitting on them, and how the decorative screens on the windows could work to shield all sorts of goings on in the house.

He finds this mystery woman extremely enticing and frightening at the same time, and he fights hard to maintain his cool and show her the rest of the property.

It all becomes too much though when she asks if the study has good soundproofing. Thinking his luck is in he suggests that they should maybe test out the soundproofing together.

Wrong answer!

She leaps on him, spitting in his face and slapping him around like a wild banshee. The mystery woman pushes him to the floor and sits on his face! Only then does she reveal she has been leading him on with only one thing in mind; to turn him into one of her sex slaves and make sure he pays for her latest property in London out of his meagre salary!

Turns out she is a Dominatrix who thrives on manipulating feeble minded men just like him into doing her bidding! After all he wouldn't want word toget back to work that he has been flirting with his clients...

And right now she is going to cement his new torment by riding his face with her sweaty pussy!

Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

Mistress Ava Black - The Estate Agent

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