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    Jasmine Croft Captured Mp4 Version

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

    Clip Description

    This was to be Part 1 of an Epic Adventure! Regular Chapters, sound effects, special cameos, with Jasmine's stunning looks, better production values, scripting, ...but then a virus panic hit.

    So this is likely the only one. Ouch.

    But still, sexy Jasmine rocks the Croft outfit & does a great job with a sassy, confident, Femme Fatale attitude, as her archaeological find is interrupted by overhearing a bound & gagged damsel! She goes to investigate & is trapped! The metal door shuts behind her & she sees laser lights from a sniper rifle on her chest. In fact, it traces her boobs & visually fondles her up & down. lol

    The bumbling security guards try to entrap her, she hops away (in stillto boots, gagged & bound!) then they take away her throwing knives & hogtie her, for later...

    Self-bondage, ballgags, boots, cut off shorts, great squirming like only Jennifer can do, story line, behind the scenes (BTS - only the first 45 minutes or so is story, the rest is bonus extra footage!), hogtie, hoping, thought balloons, wonder-woman-style story narration, some humor (at least we hope you think it humorous, no guarantees there)

    An hour of footage discounted to less than half price!!

    Clip Duration:      58 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41828.1 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version

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    Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined - In 1920x1080 (like the prior one, but we forgot to list that, sorry).
This is actually a discounted combination of 2 prior clips: the nude elbow chain experiment & the nude arched hogtie.

In the prior clip, Jennifer thought that once her friend showed up, establishing her alibi, she'd be released from being bound & gagged, nude.
Instead, in this clip, her drooling whiffle ballgag is replaced with a penis head harness gag (shown on screen) & her cuffs replaced with the padded long-term ones (Uh oh!), leather straps are added to her elbows & she endures an experiment where her elbows are chained to her fetish belt (so that's why he had me add that! she thinks, d'uh!) & then the chain is added to her head harness.
She can pull her elbows together & her head gets a relief. Or, relax her elbows & the head goes back.
We also experimented more with the "dual pane" view in some of it, not all. The two panes are synchronized with footage from 2 cameras.
The penis gag seems to make as much drool as the whiffle ball gag! It poured out. We put an arrow "Drool here!" on a few of the spots so you can see it. Hope that's not distracting.
Certainly embarrassing for a nude fitness model to drool on herself with a penis in her mouth & she can't do anything about it.
After that experiment, in the second clip, she is hogtied, with her head pulled back in an arch, still nude.
She takes her heels off at the end because "It was all I could do & I just had to keep moving"

    Jennifer Creates An Alibi - Creating an Alibi
or, "Nude Squat Predicament"

Shapely model Jennifer has witnessed a crime by the mob. She runs to a seedy hotel on the bad side of town, wearing a cheesy disguise, sunglasses, scarf & trench coat. She can't let the mob think she was a witness, so she'll create an alibi. 
She calls a friend to come get her later, but wants it to appear that someone has tied her up & left her there at the hotel: an alibi.
She strips off her clothes, adds a fetish belt as her only stitch of clothing, then ballgags herself (with a bright red whiffle-ball gag we made, how do you like it? It really gushes the drool, as you'll see in this clip), she checks the window again one last time, then blindfolds herself (so she can tell anyone she honestly "saw nothing"!) & wearing her True 5" sandal strap stilettos (furnished by a great customer, thank you again!) mounts a low table & squats, as models can do in high heels, (see Valentine do it, & the Dual Hooded Nudes, also handcuffed, in earlier clips) then Jennifer handcuffs herself snugly behind her back, spontaneously releasing a non-scripted "sigh" when it hits her what she's just done to herself.
Reality slowly sets in....the gag is causing unprecedented drool, more than she had counted on. She doesn't want drool all over her thighs, but she can't just open her legs & thighs to escape the drool because there's video camera right there on a tripod, aiming at her crotch, so she wants to keep her legs together, but then there's drool....oh!
Meanwhile, her back is sore because she can't really sit up straight & she can't really bend over, although trying both. What a predicament!
Left to say whatever comes to mind, all she can think of is a weak mmmph: "Well I'm really tied up now. Hope my friend shows up!"
Eventually her "friend" arrives - whew! "Now he can let me go!" she thinks. But no, instead he asks her if she can stay like that a bit longer. Really?!


Tags: high heel, stilleto, stiletto, self-bondage, steel bondage, handcuffs, fetish, self-gag, self-gagging, ballgag, ball-gag, blindfold, blindfolded, reluctant, predicament, story line

    Introducing Jasmine - A bit late for an "Introduction" - she's done a lot of videos with us. But this was at the first. It includes an actual short interview, two actually. She's in the cupless black PVC catsuit & later in the denim shorts & white tshirt top (as Jasmine Croft)

Two red ballgags, a smaller endurance one & a large "fill the mouth one" 

Chains & leather, also simply cross-wrists rope tie

A bit of carried over the shoulder, while bound, & waving at you (she's barrel of energy!)

Some Behind the Scenes

In glorious 1980x1020 @ 4 gbps