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    Kinky Clothes
    Jasmine In The Stocks Complete Version

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

    Clip Description

    Half Price!

    This is the full version of Jasmine's Ordeal in the Bent Over Stocks!

    She's in her open chested PVC catsuit, her favorite ballgag, bent over & permanently sealed with her butt up in the air, accessible by anyone that walks through.

    It doesn't really dawn on the model how vulnerable she is until that little wooden door sides down &, despite there being no locks, she simply cannot move. She can hardly squirm

    And then the calf muscles start to complain...

    Felicia has fun with her, walks off to get more stuff, the crop, the feather, she caresses her legs, some spanking, & poor Jasmine can only offer her butt with gagged mmmmphing

    In glorious 1920x1080 & about 4 gpbs

    Includes a generous portion at the end of behind the scenes & extra footage.

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4703.19 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jasmine In The Stocks  Complete Version

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    Jennifer Hogcuffed Bts - Jennifer cuffed herself, best she could, while blindfolded & harness-gagged. We had to add the thumbcuffs, toe cuffs & chain later. 
We also ended up tightening her wrist cuffs later because one looked a little loose. 
This is footage of that kind of stuff & some of her just laying there bound, waiting for more metal bondage to be added.

    Lucia Locked In Stocks - Lucia's in her sheer body-suit with PVC waist cincher thong. She gags herself with a cable-tied red ball gag & bends over to let me lock her wrists in Ruben's Stocks in a box. 

Once she's well secured, I leave her, of course.

She can't do anything at all but think about her exposed but, & drool.

So after I've let her stew a while, as I'm getting some toys, I come back & play with her a bit. She's extremely ticklish & I knew it. 

Heh heh.

This was mostly an experiment with the Rubens box. Let us know if you want more!

Lots of gag talk, playful interaction & behind the scenes footage.

One of the still images that are automatically generated is from the very end, which is a sneak preview of another clip, the one where I'm the one locked in the box, by Cindy.

    Felicia Learning To Rig  On Jasmine Completehd - Felicia Learning to Rig, on Jasmine! Complete Version, in full 1920x1080 & about 4 luscious gbps Discounted to LESS than half off!!

At some, especially with new models like Jasmine, I needed to learn how to do the rigging - tie them up efficiently, especially with chain. It's not as easy as it might look. We want enough play so she can squirm & think she can get loose, but not be able to get loose.

I got to try several things on Jasmine, (who is stunning in her new custom-tailored PVC open-breasted cupless catsuit, & real 6" stilleto boots, eh?!) Started with red ball gag, a posture collar, padded cuffs for her dainty wrists behind her back, leather ankle straps, some chains to connect it all. I made her hop around, put her down, swatted her with a crop...she just sweetly, docily & I'd like to say submissively, put up with it all, ball gagged throughout.

Much of this footage went in to her debut as "Intro to Jasmine" one, already posted. There will be some overlap with that one & this one.
This is a long Behind the Scenes (BTS) video with outtakes for some other clips, also. Not much of the dreaded Bent Over Stocks footage. That one got its own clip (below).

Lots of gag talk, discussion, waiting while bound, ****** hoping, practice getting wrestled down in chains...Jasmine is in chains & gagged throughout except for the first 5 minutes or so where she shows off how good she looks in the catsuit & real stiletto boots - a slow dance before we begin. But for the rest of the hour plus video, she's definitely helplessly chained & gagged, with great squirming.

This is a massive 2.5 gig file with nearly 1 & 1/3 hours of footage - including other cameras & angles. There's so much ***** for helpless Jasmine that we made 2 separate previews! (see already posted) Both, together, sample the content of each of the 2 versions of this epic. lol It's not one preview for each clip, its both clips together, for each clip.

In other words, all of the stills of Jasmine in the catsuit that you see posted in this preview, & the prior preview clips, come from this clip, but for the bent over stocks box ones, that footage is separate.

I'm in my new sexy skin-tight yoga pants, because, they're skin-tight yoga pants & I love em.

Also, biggly discounted because she's new & I'm learning.

    Nude Model Processing - Nude, hooded, Jennifer, still in her armbinder, nothing to do but wait. The bells sound, they come back in & attach it to her ankles. Wonderful.

Meanwhile, her friend glamour model Cindy has taken her place, modeling, photoshoots, fame!

Cindy stops by to berate poor Jennifer. Tells her to keep quiet so she, Cindy, can do her modelling without that tacky mmmphing sounds Jennifer was making.

Jennifer left to struggle again, back in the chained hogtie.

Eventually, another bell & that means they're coming back - if she can get up on her knees in time, they'll un-attach the chain! Great break!!

She struggles & make it up! She feels like a proud puppy, how ***********.

Even better, they sent this guy that has the sweets on her, he likes her & she can tell it. She mmmphs his way, rolls her deep eyes - he agrees to even unlock her ankles! She hasn't been this free in so long!

The moment he turns away - escape! She runs off, still nude, still ballgagged, still with hands & arms trapped behind her, but she can run! And she does! Until....!

1920x1080 @ about 4mbps!

    Jennifer39s Hooded Escape From Exercise Break - She didn't know where she was being brought to, they never tell her. At least this time, no blindfold, which was odd, but she couldn't see out the windows anyway, she tried, arching up to peak out, straining her back to do so. 

She saw trees, sky, what are they going to do to me now?

Packaged up, still in the chained armbinder hogtie, hooded & ballgagged, off she goes in the back of the car, flopping around at the mercy of inertia. Wouldn't be so bad except there's no padding when it turns corners & she gets rolled over to one side or the other. She'd ask for a seatbelt but she's already got so many straps & chains she dare not ask for more.

Worst part is that because of the armbinder, she can't use her hands. So they leave the chains, her ballgag, the collar, everything, merely attached, not locked. They know she can't get to them anyway. Her escape could be as simple as unattaching that frustrating link that keeps her legs pulled up behind her, but it might was well be on the moon. So close to her fingers, she can see the link, she can see how to escape, but no way.

They finally stop, the link released, she can run around! Joy! She can finally stretch her legs - they've been chained back to her armbinder so long she could barely feel them.

"Was this my "exercise break" they had promised me for cooperating?" she thought. Will I actually have a chance to escape?! Are they done with me?

After some stiff running around, squatting a time or two to see if the darn arm-binder can be loosened at all (lots of squirming but no luck there, no surprise either), hey maybe this is it, they're done! I can run off!

Surprise! Helicopters & gunshots!! It was a trick! They're hunting me....!!!

1920 x 1080 about 4 mbps!

    Jennifer Hogcuffed - A customer challenged Jennifer to endure 20 minutes in a hog cuff, & not just a hog cuff, but thumbs & toes cuffed as well. A head harness ballgag, with blindfold, was just added for fun. The chain goes from her locked ankle cuffs to her locked metal collar.
Turns out he knew what he was doing - 20 minutes is about all a model can stand like this! lol Jennifer says 20 is more than she could stand, but she couldn't do anything about it.
Footage from all cameras is included, not just one.
We tickled her at the end, too, why not - she certainly wasn't going anywhere & couldn't say much about it either.
1280x720 at about 4 mbps
One slight negative - the inflatable mattress made a "wrinkle" sound sometimes as Jennifer squirmed around. Probably won't notice it & we probably shouldn't even have mentioned it, actually.

    Jasmine Previews - The Jasmine footage gets confusing. So we put together in this clip 4 of her preview clips & priced it as cheaply as we can.

Even more confusing, two of the 4 are simply parts 1 & 2 of the Learning to Rig clip! Ouch! We're so sorry. That's just how it turned out.

1st - 1 minute preview of Jasmine's Intro
2nd - Part 1 of Felicia Learning to Chain Up (rig) Jasmine
3rd -  Part 2 of Felicia Learning to Chain Up (rig) Jasmine
4th - Jasmine bent over in the Stocks

Next, we're going to post a full clip of Jasmine bent over in the Stocks, with Felicia playing with her. And then the full clip of Felicia learning to be a rigger, on Jasmine. Jasmine is in the cupless PVC catsuit for both of those.

Jasmine is in the denim cut offs & t-shirt for the Jasmine Croft video we already posted.

We also did a separate Intro, already posted.

And this is then separate previews of of the full clips. 

In 1920x1080 at 4 gbps