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    Jennifer Elbow Chain Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Clip Description

    In 1920x1080 (like the prior one, but we forgot to list that, sorry).
    This is actually a discounted combination of 2 prior clips: the nude elbow chain experiment & the nude arched hogtie.

    In the prior clip, Jennifer thought that once her friend showed up, establishing her alibi, she'd be released from being bound & gagged, nude.
    Instead, in this clip, her drooling whiffle ballgag is replaced with a penis head harness gag (shown on screen) & her cuffs replaced with the padded long-term ones (Uh oh!), leather straps are added to her elbows & she endures an experiment where her elbows are chained to her fetish belt (so that's why he had me add that! she thinks, d'uh!) & then the chain is added to her head harness.
    She can pull her elbows together & her head gets a relief. Or, relax her elbows & the head goes back.
    We also experimented more with the "dual pane" view in some of it, not all. The two panes are synchronized with footage from 2 cameras.
    The penis gag seems to make as much drool as the whiffle ball gag! It poured out. We put an arrow "Drool here!" on a few of the spots so you can see it. Hope that's not distracting.
    Certainly embarrassing for a nude fitness model to drool on herself with a penis in her mouth & she can't do anything about it.
    After that experiment, in the second clip, she is hogtied, with her head pulled back in an arch, still nude.
    She takes her heels off at the end because "It was all I could do & I just had to keep moving"

    Clip Duration:      35 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41107.16 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

    Adventures of Felicia & her BFFs - Jennifer Elbow Chain  Hogtie Experiment Clips Combined

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    Dual Catsuit Dual Ballgag Dual Spanking - Me & my favorite skin tight PVC catsuit, hogtied, & my BFF Lucia in her equally-tight PVC, open-bust, catsuit, also hogtied, with padded metal wrist cuffs tied to ankle ropes (so we can thrash around!) & we ***** are forcibly-joined at our lips with a special dual ballgag - which we'd never heard of before, actually. Surprise!

Each of the straps on these gags go in front of the balls, so they're pressed deeper in to our open mouths. I was able to pull mine out a bit, briefly, by basically yanking on Lucia's neck! But mostly we couldn't get them out at all, which was good, because once we were hogtied & attached, Mr. Handy Rigger decided we weren't squirming enough & he got out the paint stick again! ^&%^&*!!

This time he ****** us to count our own spankings, to 20(!), before he'd let us go.

Lots of giggling gag talk & real squeals!

Footage from 3 cameras included.

The "Complete" version includes the BTS behind the scenes footage & where we get tied up & such. The "M" or mobile version is just the dual hogtie & it's in the Apple Widescreen format, but double the Apple bitrate.

    Catchicks Mesmerized  Collar  Armbinder Escape - This is the Feature Presentation of SuperDuper CatChick. Story line, some effects & some music background.

She's on the trail of a mystical collar that is said to have dominating qualities - whoever wears it cannot fight its influence.

Appearing mystically in the warehouse, where its trail has led her, she thinks she finally found it, intending to carefully take it away for study & to analyse who or what is behind such a device. But it leaps to her neck! 

She fights it bravely but it wins - she's caught! 

She's first made to lash the blinking hypnotizing posture collar on herself. Then she's mentally ****** to remove her cape, her belt & then her clothes. Stand, unable to move, waiting for instructions. 

They first experiment on her, to see how well the ***** Posture Collar works.

They march her around, make her rotate, mindlessly. Her eyes are void of 
focus, her body stiff. 

You can see what she's thinking with our Thought Balloons. But she can't speak 
or do anything other than to obey what the robot collar tells her to do.

They add pain by first making her place herself bent over in wooden stocks, a 
painful & *********** position. Then while she's nude & her butt trapped high 
in the air, unguarded, they turn on the Sadistic Robot Spanker. This removes 
any remaining fight of defiance. Finally, her butt glowing red & her whimpers 
dying down, long after mere mortal women would endure, they released her from the stocks. This Robo Spanker part is in its own separate clip, not in this 
clip. The file was getting too large.

Then they strap her arms behind her back with an armbinder, apparently 
intending to keep her for some time. They chain her ankles to the armbinder - 
a hogtie fit for a fit superheroine!

Once they walk away, her collar seems to "release" her from its trance. She 
instantly springs to life, struggling for all she's worth, rolling over, back 
& forth, kicking hard against the chain, thrashing about. What a struggle! 

Yet, not one inch of ground was gained, as if that was the plan. And she 
realizes that was the plan - to wear her out. Fix her so escape was 
impossible, yet with enough slack it would appear possible. She decides to act 
like she's worn out.

By playing along as a mesmerized slave, she thought she had them fooled. She 
acts like she's given up. They release her ankles, but she escapes!

She futilely runs through the empty warehouse, even high-kicking the door, all 
while still nude, with her mouth fully stuffed, taped & strapped in with a 
latex muzzle gag, plus posture collar!

She's caught again, carried over the shoulder (OTS) outside to a waiting truck 
to transport her to a more secure facility, or to be sold, she doesn't know.

Her helpless struggles as she rides around roughly, bounced in the back of the 
old delivery truck, with its hard wooden floor, out in traffic, is in a 
separate clip, not in this one, due to the file size.

Plus this clips includes behind the scenes BTS footage at the end & teasers of 
the 2 separate clips: Robo Spanker & Transport.

Two separate clips of her ***** have already been posted (OK oops, one was BatChick. UhOh) We could not include that footage here because this Main Movie is already so large. If you want the entire movie, you'll need to get those separately.

Also, the Transport clip includes some Behind the Scenes BTS footage which overlaps slightly with the BTS footage of this one.

1920x1080 & about 4 GBPS

    Jasmine Croft Captured  Mp4 Version - This was to be Part 1 of an Epic Adventure! Regular Chapters, sound effects, special cameos, with Jasmine's stunning looks, better production values, scripting, ...but then a virus panic hit.

So this is likely the only one. Ouch.

But still, sexy Jasmine rocks the Croft outfit & does a great job with a sassy, confident, Femme Fatale attitude, as her archaeological find is interrupted by overhearing a bound & gagged damsel! She goes to investigate & is trapped! The metal door shuts behind her & she sees laser lights from a sniper rifle on her chest. In fact, it traces her boobs & visually fondles her up & down. lol

The bumbling security guards try to entrap her, she hops away (in stillto boots, gagged & bound!) then they take away her throwing knives & hogtie her, for later...

Self-bondage, ballgags, boots, cut off shorts, great squirming like only Jennifer can do, story line, behind the scenes (BTS - only the first 45 minutes or so is story, the rest is bonus extra footage!), hogtie, hoping, thought balloons, wonder-woman-style story narration, some humor (at least we hope you think it humorous, no guarantees there)

An hour of footage discounted to less than half price!!

    Catchicks Captive Armbinder Transport Bts - SuperDuper CatChick has been caught! She's been made to lash a blinking hypnotizing posture collar on herself (shown in other clips, not this one) They first experiment on her, to see how well the ***** Posture Collar works.

By playing along as a mesmerized slave, she thought she had them fooled. But when she escaped, they re-caught her & knew they had to transport her to a more secure facility, or to be sold, she doesn't know, as she rides around roughly, in the back of the old delivery truck, with its hard wooden floor, out in traffic!

But she's nude, her mouth stuffed with padding, taped in, covered over with skintight latex muzzle (all of that she was made to do to herself, in another clip), her arms are bound tightly behind her back, straps at her elbows & wrists, still in her heels, with leather ankle straps for the quick & easy binding by the bad guys (might was well make it easy for them right?)

She starts out rolled up in a cover, but she rolls around as the truck goes down the street, the rolls falls off & she continues to struggle, nude & uncovered, trying to peek out the window to recognize something, anything, so that if she would ever be able to escape, maybe she'd have a chance...

Genuine mmmphing, real transport, in public
Plus behind the scenes footage at the end.

1920x1080 & about 4 GBPS & discounted

    Catgirl39s   Rescue - SuperCatGirl has been captured, striped, ****** in to wearing only a restricting latex hood, skimpy sheer maid's skirt & stiletto heels.

A chain set is locked on to her, connecting her wrists to her waist & ankles in a way that keeps her off balance.

Then, to further deepen her *********** (which is where this clip begins) a robot collar is added, hypnotizing her, making her docile, meek, & obedient, so she'll properly & submissively serve rowdy guys at a "Big Bucks" poker game.

They order her around, she can only say "Yes Master" & do their juvenile bidding, while nude & chained.

SuperHeroine Lucy arrives to rescue her, but is instead caught in an epic ***** herself! What will she do?

This was a custom video, but we were able to use enough footage from it for this fun excursion. It can be a little rough cut, because it wasn't originally shot for this, but we used "Thought Balloons" - just like the old comic strips - to tell the story. So it's a bit different, but hopefully in a good way.

Let us know what you think, should we do more, how can we make it better...?

    Traveling Cindy39s Hotel Break - Cindy works with us here at Gagme, Please, Inc., testing gags. It can get so tiring for us ladies to travel, essentially bound in a tight miniskirt & stiletto heels. So when we get back the hotel we might try some self-bondage.

She did that, stripping down to her latex bra & panties, adding her convenient traveling ball-gag (we sell it as part of a package of portable bondage devices) & wrapping vet-wrap over it, into a "Gwen Hood," then cuffing herself to watch TV. 

That's not enough, so she dials Rent a Rigger. They can't understand her, of course, but since she has an account & the right app, they know what she wants & dispatch a skilled rigger.

He shows up & adds an inescapable armbinder & then electrical tape on her crossed ankles & her knees, leaving her with the TV remote.
(Their bill will come to Gagme Please as a business expense, as usual.)

All of the above is shown in this clip, even footage from both cameras. Then Cindy is shown trying to get comfortable & hoping around the room, with bound crossed ankles!

    Felicia Rents A Rigger - Sometimes after a hard day at work, I like solo-time, just me, by myself, especially when I can mentally escape in to sub-zone, securely bound & gagged (!)

But self-bondage isn't enough. So I contact Rent-A-Rigger. I'm a regular customer, in fact.

Cindy did this when she was traveling (see earlier clip) & here's me doing it.

First I literally locked myself in to this custom-made slave **** outfit (it will also be my ponygirl wardrobe later) with the real brass lock right there between my legs, stuffed my mouth & kept the packing in  with my tight latex head muzzle (I've used it in prior vids. It's sooo comfy & yet I can't make a sound. You can see the outline of my lips & the stuffing! Without my hands, I'm not getting that stuffing out. Just enough padding to make it bearable. Wonderful feeling. If you want to see how good a gag it is, check out some of our Behind the Scenes footage in our clips when I'm gagged like this.)

I text Rent A Rigger & stand waiting, with my hands behind my back - yes I know the drill.

This time he puts me in an armbinder - ouch, it's suddenly serious. Then I have to somehow operate the TV with the remote, while I have no access to my hands or even fingers! Lots of reaching & frustrated gymnastics on the floor there! I even turn it on! Yeah! I'm getting better at it.

But that's not enough. I text him back (I use bondage emoticons, they know what I want) to come tape my legs. He shows up & uses electrical tape, even crosses my ankles! That really limits my hopping.

Closeups, slow-motion sections, footage from several cameras, live sound of squeaking leather & latex, but not much sound from me but my mmmphs!

    Nude Model Processing - Nude, hooded, Jennifer, still in her armbinder, nothing to do but wait. The bells sound, they come back in & attach it to her ankles. Wonderful.

Meanwhile, her friend glamour model Cindy has taken her place, modeling, photoshoots, fame!

Cindy stops by to berate poor Jennifer. Tells her to keep quiet so she, Cindy, can do her modelling without that tacky mmmphing sounds Jennifer was making.

Jennifer left to struggle again, back in the chained hogtie.

Eventually, another bell & that means they're coming back - if she can get up on her knees in time, they'll un-attach the chain! Great break!!

She struggles & make it up! She feels like a proud puppy, how ***********.

Even better, they sent this guy that has the sweets on her, he likes her & she can tell it. She mmmphs his way, rolls her deep eyes - he agrees to even unlock her ankles! She hasn't been this free in so long!

The moment he turns away - escape! She runs off, still nude, still ballgagged, still with hands & arms trapped behind her, but she can run! And she does! Until....!

1920x1080 @ about 4mbps!

    Jennifer Creates An Alibi - Creating an Alibi
or, "Nude Squat Predicament"

Shapely model Jennifer has witnessed a crime by the mob. She runs to a seedy hotel on the bad side of town, wearing a cheesy disguise, sunglasses, scarf & trench coat. She can't let the mob think she was a witness, so she'll create an alibi. 
She calls a friend to come get her later, but wants it to appear that someone has tied her up & left her there at the hotel: an alibi.
She strips off her clothes, adds a fetish belt as her only stitch of clothing, then ballgags herself (with a bright red whiffle-ball gag we made, how do you like it? It really gushes the drool, as you'll see in this clip), she checks the window again one last time, then blindfolds herself (so she can tell anyone she honestly "saw nothing"!) & wearing her True 5" sandal strap stilettos (furnished by a great customer, thank you again!) mounts a low table & squats, as models can do in high heels, (see Valentine do it, & the Dual Hooded Nudes, also handcuffed, in earlier clips) then Jennifer handcuffs herself snugly behind her back, spontaneously releasing a non-scripted "sigh" when it hits her what she's just done to herself.
Reality slowly sets in....the gag is causing unprecedented drool, more than she had counted on. She doesn't want drool all over her thighs, but she can't just open her legs & thighs to escape the drool because there's video camera right there on a tripod, aiming at her crotch, so she wants to keep her legs together, but then there's drool....oh!
Meanwhile, her back is sore because she can't really sit up straight & she can't really bend over, although trying both. What a predicament!
Left to say whatever comes to mind, all she can think of is a weak mmmph: "Well I'm really tied up now. Hope my friend shows up!"
Eventually her "friend" arrives - whew! "Now he can let me go!" she thinks. But no, instead he asks her if she can stay like that a bit longer. Really?!


Tags: high heel, stilleto, stiletto, self-bondage, steel bondage, handcuffs, fetish, self-gag, self-gagging, ballgag, ball-gag, blindfold, blindfolded, reluctant, predicament, story line

    Felicia Learning To Rig  On Jasmine Completehd - Felicia Learning to Rig, on Jasmine! Complete Version, in full 1920x1080 & about 4 luscious gbps Discounted to LESS than half off!!

At some, especially with new models like Jasmine, I needed to learn how to do the rigging - tie them up efficiently, especially with chain. It's not as easy as it might look. We want enough play so she can squirm & think she can get loose, but not be able to get loose.

I got to try several things on Jasmine, (who is stunning in her new custom-tailored PVC open-breasted cupless catsuit, & real 6" stilleto boots, eh?!) Started with red ball gag, a posture collar, padded cuffs for her dainty wrists behind her back, leather ankle straps, some chains to connect it all. I made her hop around, put her down, swatted her with a crop...she just sweetly, docily & I'd like to say submissively, put up with it all, ball gagged throughout.

Much of this footage went in to her debut as "Intro to Jasmine" one, already posted. There will be some overlap with that one & this one.
This is a long Behind the Scenes (BTS) video with outtakes for some other clips, also. Not much of the dreaded Bent Over Stocks footage. That one got its own clip (below).

Lots of gag talk, discussion, waiting while bound, ****** hoping, practice getting wrestled down in chains...Jasmine is in chains & gagged throughout except for the first 5 minutes or so where she shows off how good she looks in the catsuit & real stiletto boots - a slow dance before we begin. But for the rest of the hour plus video, she's definitely helplessly chained & gagged, with great squirming.

This is a massive 2.5 gig file with nearly 1 & 1/3 hours of footage - including other cameras & angles. There's so much ***** for helpless Jasmine that we made 2 separate previews! (see already posted) Both, together, sample the content of each of the 2 versions of this epic. lol It's not one preview for each clip, its both clips together, for each clip.

In other words, all of the stills of Jasmine in the catsuit that you see posted in this preview, & the prior preview clips, come from this clip, but for the bent over stocks box ones, that footage is separate.

I'm in my new sexy skin-tight yoga pants, because, they're skin-tight yoga pants & I love em.

Also, biggly discounted because she's new & I'm learning.

    Jasmine Previews - The Jasmine footage gets confusing. So we put together in this clip 4 of her preview clips & priced it as cheaply as we can.

Even more confusing, two of the 4 are simply parts 1 & 2 of the Learning to Rig clip! Ouch! We're so sorry. That's just how it turned out.

1st - 1 minute preview of Jasmine's Intro
2nd - Part 1 of Felicia Learning to Chain Up (rig) Jasmine
3rd -  Part 2 of Felicia Learning to Chain Up (rig) Jasmine
4th - Jasmine bent over in the Stocks

Next, we're going to post a full clip of Jasmine bent over in the Stocks, with Felicia playing with her. And then the full clip of Felicia learning to be a rigger, on Jasmine. Jasmine is in the cupless PVC catsuit for both of those.

Jasmine is in the denim cut offs & t-shirt for the Jasmine Croft video we already posted.

We also did a separate Intro, already posted.

And this is then separate previews of of the full clips. 

In 1920x1080 at 4 gbps

    Introducing Jasmine - A bit late for an "Introduction" - she's done a lot of videos with us. But this was at the first. It includes an actual short interview, two actually. She's in the cupless black PVC catsuit & later in the denim shorts & white tshirt top (as Jasmine Croft)

Two red ballgags, a smaller endurance one & a large "fill the mouth one" 

Chains & leather, also simply cross-wrists rope tie

A bit of carried over the shoulder, while bound, & waving at you (she's barrel of energy!)

Some Behind the Scenes

In glorious 1980x1020 @ 4 gbps