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    Bound Lorelai - Feet

    Clip Description

    Prompted by a flood of requests by my fans, I have finally decided to make a video focusing on my feet! I show them off, use them to play with the cameraman's cock, strip down and masturbate for your viewing pleasure!

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    wmv135.54 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Bound Lorelai - Feet

    Bound Lorelai - Feet

    Bound Lorelai - Feet

    Bound Lorelai - Feet

    Bound Lorelai - Feet

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    Lapdance - This time it's my turn, and I get to  a dom for a change... One of my longtime fans was being a smartass with master, and told sir to, "bring it on..." wrong thing to say to master!!! So he ends up shackled to a bichop's chair, and I am instructed to give him a lapdance. Suffice to say, it was brought!!!

    Lorelai Flexible Fat Slave - Ever wonder just how flexible I am? Master decides to find out! He shackles my hands and feet to a 42-inch long 	spreader bar... And then pushes the center of the bar up, up, up... And locks it to my collar!!! I'm practically spread in a split and folded in half the whole while he fucks me with a dildo and then his cock before pulling out and shooting his cum all over my belly, tits and face! I swear he must have came a gallon!!!

    Sensation Play With Master Frederick Part 2 - In this second half of my sensation play scene with master frederick, he ties me spread eagle to the bed and teases my tits, thighs, pussy, and feet with pinwheels, steel claws, twin daggers, and rubs me all over with satin opera gloves and a rabbit fur mitten! I was on cloud nine the whole scene! I even came several times even though he hadn't begun to fuck me yet! He also fucks me with my dildo and makes me suck his cock while begging him to fuck me before locking my ankles and wrists in a spreader bar and locking that to my collar to fold me in half so he can fuck me very deeply!!!

like the first part of this scene, everything is shot from two angles and edited together for the best view of the action in real time.