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    Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Clip Description

    Master has my tits bound tight and sore, as he fucks the hell out of me!!!

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    wmv122.04 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

    Bound Lorelai - Lorelai Breast Bondage And Fuck

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    Lorelai  Bdsm Combo 2 - Here's another bonus pack of bdsm clips for you at a $20.00 discount! This combo features four chapters, comprised of the following clips:	

 and breast :
master binds my breasts in rope with breast press bars and ties me to a chair... He then ties a scarf around my neck-- tight!!! I gasp for air, my face goes red then purple and I fade. As I go deep, sir climbs  on top of me and fucks my mouth, robbing me of even more precious oxygen!!! He begins torturing my tight, extremely sensitive bound tits, first using a pinwheel, then a knife, a flogger, and bites them and slaps and pinches them. It's sheer, exquisite agony!!!	He pulls up on the scarf, ******* me completely out, and makes me suck his cock once more!	He finally frees me from my garrotte, and then decides he's not done abusing my throat just yet. He puts me out once more with his hands, and I come to with a mouthful of cock once again!!! 

i haven't made a video like this in five years, but I think you'll feel it worth the wait!!!		

breast bondage fuck
master has my tits tied tightly in rope with press bars thrown in for good measure. He lays me down and fucks me senseless on the floor, squeezing the bars together to hurt my tits even more!!!			

dragonfly harness blowjob and fuck
we start off with me showing off the pretty ropework master has tied for me, and move right into the fun stuff! He gropes my breasts, twists my nipples, and has me suck his cock! I lie back on the couch and he fingers me, and then makes me suck him some more before having me turn over so he can fuck me doggystyle! Switching from pov to right side view, you get to see the action as though you're the one fucking me as well as nice closeups of my face as he fucks me! We finish up with some pov spanking!!!		

flexible fat slave
ever wonder just how flexible I am? Master decides to find out! He shackles my hands and feet to a 42-inch long 	spreader bar... And then pushes the center of the bar up, up, up... And locks it to my collar!!! I'm practically spread in a split and folded in half the whole while he fucks me with a dildo and then his cock before pulling out and shooting his cum all over my belly, tits and face! I swear he must have came a gallon!!!

    Lorelai Bdsm Combo 1 - Here's your chance to get a combo pack of my bdsm clips for a discounted price! Included in this one clip, it their entirety, are the following titles:

"rough play"
"metal cable breast bondage"

at a recommended price of $21.99, i'm selling it at $12.99!!! That's four clips at a $9.00 discount!

    Lorelai Delightful Dinner Double Dicked For Dessert - Master has arranged for a special treat for me this evening. I am to prepare and serve dinner and drinks to him and a guest, a man I only know as silent. After the meal, master unwraps me from my lace bondage gown and dessert is served-- in the form of two cocks for me, and my mouth, tits, and pussy for them!!! I suck both cocks hungrily and they each take turns fucking me doggystyle while the other gets a blowjob!!

    Flogged In The Hallway - I'm made to suck my master's cock and then hauled up to my feet , only to get my tits, back and ass savagely flogged!