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    InsexM - 820

    Clip Description

    820 is twenty something, has some personal experience in bdsm, and a nice 6 1/2" uncut cock. While being stripped, he reveals he likes nipple play, and doesn't like having his cock and balls slapped... At least that is what his mouth says. In a standing strappado tie his ass is explored and it becomes apparent he can take a lot more than the dildo. On his back legs in the air, how much more turns out to be a large fist. And in the final set his cock betrays him and gets hard in response to four nasty clips around the foreskin.

    Clip Duration:      41 minutes
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    rm218.01 MB

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    InsexM - 820

    InsexM - 820

    InsexM - 820

    InsexM - 820

    InsexM - 820

    InsexM - 820

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    Jazz - Jazz is a lifestyler, insex member, and switch, who "mainly tops". He contacted us about modeling for insexm and came "looking to be part of something special". He does yoga and he has the flexibility to prove it. His day starts in a posture that is hard for him before he is messed with. His second posture is severe enough that he is breathing hard even before the plastic bag goes over his head. Next, he is put in a horizontal suspension for some corporal on his feet, legs and ass. Then he is bent over and held there with a ring in his nose for corporal on the ass. And for the finale, he elects to get a hand job from sir c. He should have read the fine print. This hand job involves flexall and pulling his cock backwards to see if will reach his asshole.

    Boy 11 - Boy 11 is young, in the lifestyle and scenes with sir c in her personal life. He came to insexm seeking an experience like no other. He is articulate and knows what he likes. The shoot starts with him in full latex and a gas mask in a horizontal suspension. In the next set, he shows he can put a condom on with his mouth and give a decent blow job. Suspended face up legs in the air he gets fucked. In the next set he gets to take the new cock press for a trial run. While clamped down so his cock and balls are only 3/8" thick, he is ******** with more pressure and blows.

    Damian - Damian's big, buff, and a bit wild. He arrived to his shoot with a 4 guage pa and six frenum piercings... He's a mucle boy and takes a good deal of pride in that. So, he's stripped and decorated. Then his piercings are turned into electrical contacts in a test designed to see how well all that mucscle will hold out. Of course, either way is good because it just allows for another kind of . And finally, he is put in stocks and a ring gag, slapped a few times for a warm up and then the punching begins in earnest. Turns out he likes that. And between his groans and the sound of flesh on flesh what's not to like?

    Timothy - Timothy is 23, sweet, fresh, and "a little bit" nervous. He'd seen insex and came to us looking for excitement. In an inverted suspension he has weights  of the head of his cock. That is followed by a horizontal suspension in which his cock and balls are ****** to hold up his middle. A suspended frog-tie with his arms in strappado provide the perfect position to see how tight he is. I needed to size up. And in the last set of the day, another inverted suspension, he shows that he needs to work on his cock sucking. Unable to cope, he pukes and still has to give head. Not a skill he naturally has. He'll need lots of practice.

    Randy - Randy, a 24 year old novice with a dick "as long as a cable remote", read our ad in the paper, and came in hoping to experience something he had never experienced before. The shoot starts out comfy before the addition of the neck rope, ball tie, tickling, and ring gag. His day becomes about difficult choices. With his muscles and great back arch he looks hot deciding between push ups or *******. Next he has to stretch or **** 25 pounds off his balls. And he tries to pull away from having his cock smacked, but it gets him hard. Then he gets tied ankles to wrists and while his testicles are being suctioned into another cock, he gets his first butt plug, and bare ass spanking.

    Stone - Violet makes her insexm debut on stone. He's "over 30 with an 8 1/2" cock" and no "beating" experience, but "he used to be a dancer". He's a smart ass, a muscle boy, and totally in over his head. He starts by showing some of his moves, which aren't good enough to earn him a reprieve from the cattle prod. He demonstrates his willingness through some self bondage, and violet turns it into a metal hogtie. The smallest cuffs are used to bind his cock and attached to the clamps on his nipples. In the final set, some of the **** that has come out of his mouth is silenced and put to the test. Even to the end he continues to lie with his mouth, seems his little head is way more honest.

    Boy 99 Returns - Boy 99 returns... His muscle bound body is suspended while his cock is ********. Next, he is stretched out face down on the floor, with a noose around his neck and while he ******, his ass is beat. Strapped to a spreader bar, sir c uses her hands to  him. Like everyone else, he finds bare hands and finger nails torturous. His day ends with him on his knees strapped to a frame and bent backwards over it. From that position, he gets to demonstrate his considerable cock sucking skills.

    Shaftway - Shaftway's a real pretty boy and works that angle shamelessly. His shoot starts with an absurd interview and, as the shoot progresses, it gets more and more obvious that he doesn't know what to do with power inequity between the "****" and himself. His first tie is a standing position with arms in a reverse prayer. He asserts he can get out (he couldn't), and this is just the first of many times in the day his mouth gets him into trouble. An inverted suspension shows how delightful he looks green. An elbows together hog tie, utilizes his long locks as a means of holding his head up for some ****** oral...And the day concludes with "sir c on her knees", a tempting cock and ball tie (that "felt pretty good going on") but didn't materialize the way he had hoped.... His post interview illustrates how disorienting it was for him when nothing went exactly as he planned.