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     Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two Wmv
    13 minutes

      Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two  Wmv - Part 2 of "beat her late than never" finds ashley renee bound to a bondage horse. Her wrist and ankles are cuffed, rope tied and secured in strict bondage form. She is lying flat on her belly with her ass plugged and her huge tits are smashed underneath her body weight. She is unable to relieve the pressure as her wrists are secured below her and her ankles are drawn up behind her in a half hog tie position. This leaves her ass and mouth open and available for manipulations. Dark phoenix is happy to oblige ashley as he flogs her back, paddles her ass and smacks her around. Ashley squirms, struggles and squeals for mercy but the only way phoenix will ease the pain is if she shows him how well she can suck cock.  Leather You Like It Or Not Mp4
    16 minutes

      Leather You Like It Or Not  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard has a voracious appetite for latex and extreme bondage so she's no stranger to tight situations. Despite that fact, she has never really been completely immobile during a scene. Dalton from serious bondage was out in los angles for another visit and he brought us an amazing piece of leather mummification gear. Once we saw this gem we fell in love and of course sandy was excited to try it out. Once enveloped inside this masterpiece, almost every bit of sandy's body was closed off from the outside world. This ultra-dynamic mummification sack was created to allow for suspension so of course sandy was hoisted straight up and swung around like a punching bag. The bag offers zippered access panels, which allow you to fuck with your submissive slaves tits. We made special plans for sandy based upon that very feature. Once she was laced and strapped securely inside the suit, sandy was left completely helpless. She is unable to manipulate anything but her breathing. Dalton completes her sensory deprivation by lacing a heavy-duty leather hood over sandy's head. Once this is done, dalton steps out for a perv's eye view of the action. The session handler moves in, deciding to quickly remove the breast covers so he can clamp her nipples. Weights are added for maximum discomfort. Sandy gets treated to a vibrating magic wand to offset some of her discomfort and take her mind off of what other torments would soon be coming her way. As soon as she screams out in orgasmic ecstasy she is reminded of her predicament. As the vibe motors on, she is completely aware of who has all the control. An electrified dildo is then positioned right on her helpless pussy mound and buried deep between her lips. The volume gets turned up high and the show moves on. This delayed torment goes on well beyond the moment when sandy's screams turn from pleasure to pain. Sandy is left to swing and sway in the air with only the clanging of the chains suspending her body keeping her comfort. She is left alone for a long period of sub space meditation. She is to never forget what it feels like to be encased in thick leather, whether she likes it or not. When sandy is finally released from her leather prison, she offers a short interview. This allows her to express the love or hate she felt during her time in extreme bondage. Dalton also gives us a brief description of the leather device used in the scene. He provides all of the details he has to offer on this one-off custom piece. We only wish he had it in heavy-duty latex rubber but rest assured we are sourcing our own custom made latex knock off as quickly as possible!
     Good Vibrations Part Two Mp4
    13 minutes

      Good Vibrations  Part Two  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard gets up and then gets put right back down for round two of her visit to the former fetish nation facility in los angeles. After being stripped down to just a heavy rubber corset, sandy is rope tied on her back to the top of a metal dungeon style cage. She is secured with very strict bondage which keeps her legs spread wide, allowing easy access to her wet pussy. She will not be resting or relaxing as she is constantly tormented, ********** and mind fucked. Her *********** and pain game is endless, ****** to endure her mouth being stuffed full of latex rubber, tits caned, nipples clamped, labia ******** and permission only orgasms. Despite the constant taunting and teasing, the good vibrations flow her way again and again as she is brought to several more intense orgasms.  The Hunt For Red Enclosure Mp4
    25 minutes

      The Hunt For Red Enclosure  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard and mistress sable meet again for another round of sexy latex and bondage.
     Good Vibrations Wmv
    10 minutes

      Good Vibrations  Wmv - Sometimes you can just get a positive vibe from someone... Or something. It can happens most often when your surroundings are unfamiliar. Our in-house submissive and rubber slut (aka sandy skarsgard) allowed herself to be put into this very kind of situation. She paid a visit to our friends over at fetish nation and received nothing but good vibrations for the duration of her stay, at lest her wet pussy did. This is part one of a four part segment that chronicles sandy's exploration into the methods of yet another top notch fetish porn production house that we endorse and are web partners with. 

this high end bondage crew went ahead and put sandy through a range of bdsm action not unlike how we do things here over at rubber and bondage but nonetheless unique. After sandy was put through a one on one interview, she adorns one of her favorite latex hoods and is ready for action. Although she was tormented with various forms of bizarre bondage and ****** orgasms over the course of the full segment, in part one we get to watch unbound and hands free sandy get instructed on when and how to receive a really good vibration.  Showered With Love Wmv
    5 minutes

      Showered With Love  Wmv - Gia voss and sinnamon love are featured in this behind the scenes view of a rubber and bondage photo shoot. 

5 minutes of video
1280 x 720 hd wmv

    Random Rubber and Bondage Clips more
     Rubber One Out Mp4
    12 minutes
      Rubber One Out  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard just got done shooting another scene for the rubber and bondage site. Rather then packing it in for the day we instructed her to put on a little show for us. She has already been released form her bondage so she enjoys her new found freedom by behaving in a very coy manner. She uses her body movement to tease us while sucking on a thick metal chain that was recently used to restrain her. She gets freaky by biting the chain and dropping it into her mouth. Eventually we put a rubber gas mask and open face latex hood over her head and give her a bottle of latex polish. Sandy rubs it all over her body and gets herself very shiny and wet. Her rubber gloved hand seems to glide right over her bare pussy in a very sexy and erotic way. She teases herself and is inspired to bring herself to orgasm. We hope she is not the only one inspired to rubber one out!  Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 2
    15 minutes
      Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 2 - In part 2 of innocent until proven filthy we took things up a few notches.  Nicole may be an amateur but she does not look like one here.  Special ed adds a black latex hw designs hood to her latex outfit and locks her head and wrists up in a bizarre wooden head wheel.  Think of it like having your hand job and blow job served on a platter, right?  Special ed takes things in another direction and splits her pussy into halves by making her straddle a wooden beam with the peak angled straight up.  Things escalate with some electricity play and somehow all that apprehension and movement allows nicole to have her first orgasm on camera.  The evidence is beginning to pile up against nicole truly being innocent after all.  The proof is in the bondage and latex pudding so to speak.  Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon.
     Head Bangers Ball
    16 minutes
      Head Bangers Ball - The combination of heavy metal and rubber really seems like an odd pairing on paper. In reality, metal is such an awesome raw material to utilize in the creation of any bondage device. I do not know what it is about this particular set of metal head and hand balls we had custom made for the rubber and bondage studio but they amplify my desire to do bad things to women. I don't know if it is about the dehumanizing nature it creates for the women trapped inside. Maybe it is just the overall *********** experience generated for the submissive women we pair the device with. It could be that I just like taking things away from women in as bizarre a manner as possible. In any case, miss k was the latest latex clad ****** to serve time locked inside these spheres. Once positioned properly, the balls were locked onto her head and hands. Chains were connected to each metal hand ball which ****** her arms up, out and wide. Another chain was affixed to the top of the head ball to support the weight of the metal. 

since miss k was going to be busy coping with sensory overload and deprivation at the same time, we figured she did not need to be trying to keep her head from flopping over or off. There is also the issue of the one tiny hole in the front of the head ball that allows for limited air in an out. This would serve to further increase miss k's heart rate and potential for panic. The more distressed the submissive the better in my opinion. Once miss k was strung up and ready to be rocked, our guest controller "fk" stepped in while fully clad in rubber, head to toe. He used to be in a band I am told so he strummed some notes on miss k's clit with real expertise. He uses a vibrating magic wand while trying to get her pussy in tune. Eventually fk started playing tease and denial which is one of our all-time favorites. Near the grand finale of our head bangers ball, miss k is ****** to cum, rocked and rolled into the orgasm hall of fame. For those about to get their clit rocked, we salute you.  Black Bruised
    13 minutes
      Black  Bruised - We really like it when we can debut a new **** to our audience; we like it even better when she has never done anything like this before. Don't get me wrong, I like experienced ***** just as well but there is really something special about working on women that have never performed in any sort of adult related material.  When it is also their first time experiencing the feeling of wearing any kind of latex and/or being put into bondage situations it seems that the appeal really ramps up for me.  With that being said, it seems we can count on phoenix to never back off no matter who the **** is. In this update he is at it again as he immediately humiliates and beats first timer maye ling, literally... Into submission. He grabs her by the hair and brings her to her knees and then drags her over to a large bondage bed. That immediately caused a tear in her latex catsuit at the knee, so phoenix punishes her further by making her stay in a knees on concrete position. Maye ling is bent over and she gets a beating of a life time.  Despite her harsh predicament, maye looks amazing wrapped in latex with her beautiful features and that long, tall body.  We really would have loved to see maye in a hood but her face is so pretty it was too good to hide this time around. She was spanked, flogged, battered and bruised long enough for most people to take a cat nap.  With her ass all warmed up and toasted, phoenix then laid her out on the hard wood and spread eagle. All limbs were pinned to the four corners and our version of water ******* ensued. It was rather kind of phoenix to cool maye off for a while but too bad it was on the wrong end. The water ******* ensued for many minutes but to maye's credit, she took it like a fish to water... Sort of. We cut this update there but you can look forward to part 2 of this series where things just get more intense and maye gets into the most bizarre predicament we had ever created. Maye ling was black and bruised all over after round 1 but you can be the judge concerning how she scored in her debut on rubber and bondage
     Bishop Bondage Wmv
    23 minutes
      Bishop Bondage  Wmv - Like most of you into bondage, we are fans of and inspired by the artwork of richard bishop.  Keeping that in mind, we had always hoped to replicate some of his art into real life scenes.  Dalton from serious bondage had custom built a bishop inspired contraption and we were the first to hear about it.  This bizarre bondage and discipline device offered all the restraint you might ever need.  The problem was confirming that the concept motivated by mr. Bishop and his incredible fetish art would work in reality.  We were willing to offer up gia for a trial run.  In truth, she was a rather apprehensive subject but her voluptuous body curved around the strange contraption quite nicely.  Gia was walked into the room by a leash, mounted to the device, muzzle gagged and strapped in.  After being secured completely and struggling to test the rigidity of the set-up, gia settled in to her fate with nary a complaint.  Any protests were not really going to be heard anyway at this point.  Dalton made sure she was never completely comfortable the rest of the way.  

considering gia's immobilized state and strict bondage, dalton could pretty much do whatever he wanted.  Dalton smacked gia's legs and thighs just to make sure she was alert and in tune with the situation.  Then he moved on to a bit of pussy ******* by rolling a wicked pin wheel over her pussy lips.  That provided a very nice reaction form gia but that was only the beginning.  Dalton moved on with ordinary household clothespins.  He clamped them to gia's labia in strategic spots.  We are unclear if gia's whimpering was due to her pleasure or pain.  She is not known for being a masochist so we assumed it was her displeasure with the pain but who really knows?  What we know for sure is that her pussy and latex encased skin were both creating a moisture level that was overwhelming her body.  Sweat and her natural lubricant began to drip all over the base of her bondage device.  This session ran for quite a while but gia closed out her bishop bondage trial with her most vital lady part pinned to an oscillating vibrator.  Dalton made sure the vibrator was not pressed firmly against her clit and we got to watch her struggle to get maximum contact. It was a semi-****** ****** orgasm and as it spilled over gia's body we would have to say this scene was a real success.  Who knew bishop art could inspire such an incredible bondage scenario?  Yeah, I know... Just about everyone.   Around
    5 minutes
      Around - Sandy skarsgard aka rubbernecro is gagged and tied up in a creepy warehouse and left dangling in anticipation.  

watch as her predicament gets more intense in a delicate balancing act.

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      Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two Wmv

    Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two  Wmv


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      Leather You Like It Or Not Mp4

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      Good Vibrations Part Two Mp4

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      The Hunt For Red Enclosure Mp4

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      Fools Rush In Part 2 Wmv

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      Cum In The Cage Mp4

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      Thrilling Two Birds With One Bone Part Two Wmv

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      Fools Rush In Part Two Mp4

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      Fools Rush In Mp4

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      Rubber One Out Mp4

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      Deep Impact Mp4

    Deep Impact  Mp4


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      Thrilling Two Birds With One Bone Wmv

    Thrilling Two Birds With One Bone  Wmv


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