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     Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two Wmv
    13 minutes

      Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two  Wmv - Part 2 of "beat her late than never" finds ashley renee bound to a bondage horse. Her wrist and ankles are cuffed, rope tied and secured in strict bondage form. She is lying flat on her belly with her ass plugged and her huge tits are smashed underneath her body weight. She is unable to relieve the pressure as her wrists are secured below her and her ankles are drawn up behind her in a half hog tie position. This leaves her ass and mouth open and available for manipulations. Dark phoenix is happy to oblige ashley as he flogs her back, paddles her ass and smacks her around. Ashley squirms, struggles and squeals for mercy but the only way phoenix will ease the pain is if she shows him how well she can suck cock.  Leather You Like It Or Not Mp4
    16 minutes

      Leather You Like It Or Not  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard has a voracious appetite for latex and extreme bondage so she's no stranger to tight situations. Despite that fact, she has never really been completely immobile during a scene. Dalton from serious bondage was out in los angles for another visit and he brought us an amazing piece of leather mummification gear. Once we saw this gem we fell in love and of course sandy was excited to try it out. Once enveloped inside this masterpiece, almost every bit of sandy's body was closed off from the outside world. This ultra-dynamic mummification sack was created to allow for suspension so of course sandy was hoisted straight up and swung around like a punching bag. The bag offers zippered access panels, which allow you to fuck with your submissive slaves tits. We made special plans for sandy based upon that very feature. Once she was laced and strapped securely inside the suit, sandy was left completely helpless. She is unable to manipulate anything but her breathing. Dalton completes her sensory deprivation by lacing a heavy-duty leather hood over sandy's head. Once this is done, dalton steps out for a perv's eye view of the action. The session handler moves in, deciding to quickly remove the breast covers so he can clamp her nipples. Weights are added for maximum discomfort. Sandy gets treated to a vibrating magic wand to offset some of her discomfort and take her mind off of what other torments would soon be coming her way. As soon as she screams out in orgasmic ecstasy she is reminded of her predicament. As the vibe motors on, she is completely aware of who has all the control. An electrified dildo is then positioned right on her helpless pussy mound and buried deep between her lips. The volume gets turned up high and the show moves on. This delayed torment goes on well beyond the moment when sandy's screams turn from pleasure to pain. Sandy is left to swing and sway in the air with only the clanging of the chains suspending her body keeping her comfort. She is left alone for a long period of sub space meditation. She is to never forget what it feels like to be encased in thick leather, whether she likes it or not. When sandy is finally released from her leather prison, she offers a short interview. This allows her to express the love or hate she felt during her time in extreme bondage. Dalton also gives us a brief description of the leather device used in the scene. He provides all of the details he has to offer on this one-off custom piece. We only wish he had it in heavy-duty latex rubber but rest assured we are sourcing our own custom made latex knock off as quickly as possible!
     Good Vibrations Part Two Mp4
    13 minutes

      Good Vibrations  Part Two  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard gets up and then gets put right back down for round two of her visit to the former fetish nation facility in los angeles. After being stripped down to just a heavy rubber corset, sandy is rope tied on her back to the top of a metal dungeon style cage. She is secured with very strict bondage which keeps her legs spread wide, allowing easy access to her wet pussy. She will not be resting or relaxing as she is constantly tormented, ********** and mind fucked. Her *********** and pain game is endless, ****** to endure her mouth being stuffed full of latex rubber, tits caned, nipples clamped, labia ******** and permission only orgasms. Despite the constant taunting and teasing, the good vibrations flow her way again and again as she is brought to several more intense orgasms.  The Hunt For Red Enclosure Mp4
    25 minutes

      The Hunt For Red Enclosure  Mp4 - Sandy skarsgard and mistress sable meet again for another round of sexy latex and bondage.
     Good Vibrations Wmv
    10 minutes

      Good Vibrations  Wmv - Sometimes you can just get a positive vibe from someone... Or something. It can happens most often when your surroundings are unfamiliar. Our in-house submissive and rubber slut (aka sandy skarsgard) allowed herself to be put into this very kind of situation. She paid a visit to our friends over at fetish nation and received nothing but good vibrations for the duration of her stay, at lest her wet pussy did. This is part one of a four part segment that chronicles sandy's exploration into the methods of yet another top notch fetish porn production house that we endorse and are web partners with. 

this high end bondage crew went ahead and put sandy through a range of bdsm action not unlike how we do things here over at rubber and bondage but nonetheless unique. After sandy was put through a one on one interview, she adorns one of her favorite latex hoods and is ready for action. Although she was tormented with various forms of bizarre bondage and ****** orgasms over the course of the full segment, in part one we get to watch unbound and hands free sandy get instructed on when and how to receive a really good vibration.  Showered With Love Wmv
    5 minutes

      Showered With Love  Wmv - Gia voss and sinnamon love are featured in this behind the scenes view of a rubber and bondage photo shoot. 

5 minutes of video
1280 x 720 hd wmv

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     Tractor Pulled High Def Version
    9 minutes
      Tractor Pulled  High Def Version - Julie simone came up with this clever idea and executed it to perfection.  I am not sure how she got sandy skarsgard and a small crew into this construction yard but we are very glad she did.  I am all for latex clad, strictly bound women being able to enjoy the great outdoors but I am not sure that a b&e charge (that’s breaking & entering for my foreign crowd) is the best way to go about it. Either way, our hats are off to julie for sniping this session in a closed off construction yard.  Sandy skarsgard was not necessarily a willing participant but she was able bodied and instructed to follow julie’s command when we put her out on loan.  Check out sandy in a combination of rubber, bondage and rope looking ultra-hot and helpless.  

we like that sandy gives a fight but her struggle was useless. Her wardrobe included a semi-transparent latex hood with black latex crown, a slinky latex dress that hikes up real nice to expose her pussy, sexy black thigh high boots and a really nice leather harness gag. The backdrop of the rugged exterior and heavy-duty rope bondage combined with the exposure of sandy's soft and delicate pussy really makes this one fun to watch. I cannot tell you how long sandy had to stay in that position but let’s hope she was released well before the job foreman showed up. I am sure a band of construction workers could have put her to work in some creative way. Thanks again to julie simone for creating this update and be sure to visit her website under the same name.  Black And Bruised Part 2
    23 minutes
      Black And Bruised Part 2 - Black and bruised part 2 has always stuck out in mind for a few reasons.  One thing that sticks out in my mind is from a moment when we were actually shooting the content.  It was maybe halfway through maye's session and there was a moment where she was getting beaten so bad on her ass that I stopped the scene.  I abruptly stopped the scene in progress to ask maye if she was ok... Even though she never used her keyword to stop. I figured maybe since she had never done this before that she felt obligated to endure the situation she was in despite the desire to stop it.  Being the head honcho of our content production, I felt it was my job to stop it for her.  To my surprise, after I asked her if she was ok she looked at me with tears and running mascara dripping down her face that she was fine.  Phoenix then looked at me and smiled.  Right before maye was put back into position and dp started wailing away on her again he said, "she is going places".  I learned a lesson that day.  It is certainly smarter and and safer to err on the side of caution but at the same time, women in general come here to fill a need, a desire or a fantasy and far be it from me to deny them.

this is hands down one of my most favorite episodes that we have ever shot.  Not so much for the heavy beating maye endured but for the way she endured this whole experience.  Her attitude was amazing and even though she had never done anything like this before she was all in.  It sucked me in and made her appeal all the greater.  In this scene, maye is flogged at great length and then put down on hand and knee for one of the most entertaining predicament bondage scenarios I have ever witnessed. Whether standing very tall in her latex catsuit and high heeled boots or down on the floor with her beautiful ass on display, it was intoxicating.  We actually tried to put a hood on her but nothing seemed to fit her face structure just right.  It just seemed to be a shame to cover up her face.  Normally a pretty face is not a deterrent for me when it comes to rubber hoods.  It just makes them prettier to me.  In this case it worked out for the best I think.  After being spanked, paddled, flogged, spread eagle and water ********... Then heavily flogged some more maye was really screwed by phoenix.  Just watch this video and witness for yourself the crazy 6 way bondage predicament she is in.  On top of that, her fingers are rendered useless with latex hand ball mitts affixed securely over her hands.  I guess phoenix was kind enough to throw the key to unlock herself out of this predicament close by but like I said, watch the clip and enjoy her struggle to find the way out.  Maye ling left us that day with her body black and bruised all over but her reputation with the rubber and bondage team is untarnished.
     Bishop Bondage Wmv
    23 minutes
      Bishop Bondage  Wmv - Like most of you into bondage, we are fans of and inspired by the artwork of richard bishop.  Keeping that in mind, we had always hoped to replicate some of his art into real life scenes.  Dalton from serious bondage had custom built a bishop inspired contraption and we were the first to hear about it.  This bizarre bondage and discipline device offered all the restraint you might ever need.  The problem was confirming that the concept motivated by mr. Bishop and his incredible fetish art would work in reality.  We were willing to offer up gia for a trial run.  In truth, she was a rather apprehensive subject but her voluptuous body curved around the strange contraption quite nicely.  Gia was walked into the room by a leash, mounted to the device, muzzle gagged and strapped in.  After being secured completely and struggling to test the rigidity of the set-up, gia settled in to her fate with nary a complaint.  Any protests were not really going to be heard anyway at this point.  Dalton made sure she was never completely comfortable the rest of the way.  

considering gia's immobilized state and strict bondage, dalton could pretty much do whatever he wanted.  Dalton smacked gia's legs and thighs just to make sure she was alert and in tune with the situation.  Then he moved on to a bit of pussy ******* by rolling a wicked pin wheel over her pussy lips.  That provided a very nice reaction form gia but that was only the beginning.  Dalton moved on with ordinary household clothespins.  He clamped them to gia's labia in strategic spots.  We are unclear if gia's whimpering was due to her pleasure or pain.  She is not known for being a masochist so we assumed it was her displeasure with the pain but who really knows?  What we know for sure is that her pussy and latex encased skin were both creating a moisture level that was overwhelming her body.  Sweat and her natural lubricant began to drip all over the base of her bondage device.  This session ran for quite a while but gia closed out her bishop bondage trial with her most vital lady part pinned to an oscillating vibrator.  Dalton made sure the vibrator was not pressed firmly against her clit and we got to watch her struggle to get maximum contact. It was a semi-****** ****** orgasm and as it spilled over gia's body we would have to say this scene was a real success.  Who knew bishop art could inspire such an incredible bondage scenario?  Yeah, I know... Just about everyone.  Dont Ask Y Wmv
    12 minutes
      Dont Ask Y  Wmv - If you have never heard of charlotte fetish then you don't know what you are missing.  This submissive is all about inescapable bondage and being helpless.  She actually loves it and that makes us love her. When we were approached by her handler to do a shoot with charlotte we rolled out the welcome mat and turned on the "open for business" sign.  At the time this was all going down, gwen, aka rubber dynasty, was kind enough to inform us that the reason charlotte was in town was to sub for her.  So it went, charlotte meet gwen.  Gwen beat charlotte.  Rubber and bondage, you are the witness.

gwen prepared herself with her typical domineering get up.  An all black latex catsuit, trademark style rubber hood and super tall black boots.  Charlotte presented herself to gwen in a silver latex corslette and rubber panties, mesh nylons and sexy high heels.  Gwen knew charlotte enjoys strict bondage so she did not want to leave her wanting for more.  Gwen employed a very rigid set of leather sinvention arm splints and she used them to hold charlotte's arms straight.  She then padlocked the splints out wide, in a y formation, overhead.  This ****** charlotte to really stretch out and upward, pressing up on her heels at times just to maintain the position.  To make charlotte's bondage more difficult to cope with, gwen cuffed each of charlotte’s ankles.  She padlocked them via chain and the cuffs to o-ring fasteners screwed into the floor on either side of her legs.   Gwen was probably thinking ahead with her next move as she strapped a head harness ball gag to charlottes head.  This would ensure all of charlotte’s cries and moans would be muffled adequately.  Just to keep the submissive side of charlotte honest, gwen added on a rather cruel neck collar and nose check combination that keeps the sub’s head from dropping down.  At least it would cause charlotte great discomfort with the two hooks jammed up her nostrils and tugging her head backward.  We like that move and it seems that gwen was all about business at this point.

once charlotte was in position , ********** and helpless, gwen took out her long tail flogger and smacked charlotte around.  In typical gwen fashion, she whipped charlotte’s legs, ass and pussy while offering an insincere sympathy.  All the while, she was relentless in making all parts of charlotte’s body red and sore.  Upon completion of her beating, gwen seemed to feel that  her sub deserved a reward.  She broke out a vibrating magic wand and played with charlotte’s clit and pussy, providing her with a healthy dose of ****** orgasm.  Maybe she just wanted to help us have a clean finish for the rubber and bondage site, we are not really sure.  What we do know all too well is that when you receive a gift gwendolyn chemindefer, you don’t ask y.  Just say thank you, may I have another.
     Qubehurt Wmv
    22 minutes
      Qubehurt  Wmv - Sandy skarsgard puts some time inside the smallest jail cell ever made. She is jammed into a small cube with no possible escape. After locking her inside, dunk tank elevates her bondage with some metal shackles on her wrists. Then he hook gags her mouth and then proceeds to fuck with her by smacking her hands and pussy with a riding crop. Once he is done toying with her, tank plunges the dildo on a stick into her exposed pussy. Sandy is ****** to orgasm but when it is all over she is left inside the metal cell overnight. 

22 minutes of video 
hd 960 x 540 wmv file  Innocent Until Proven Filthy
    25 minutes
      Innocent Until Proven Filthy - We were introduced to nicole jennings by a company friend.  This friend of ours seems to run in a circle that includes women that might be interested in participating in fetish themed pornography.  Our friend trusts us, these women trust him and so it goes.  Nicole is one of many first timers we will be introducing to rubber, latex, bdsm and predicament bondage.  Most of these women have also never done anything remotely professional when it comes to adult related content.  I don't know about you but personally the more raw and inexperienced the **** the better.  This type of **** is obviously curious or she would not have been here to work with us.  This type of **** is in fact innocent until we prove her filthy, if you know what I mean. Nicole jennings is in fact that kind of **** so tune in and see for yourself. As usual, we start the newbies off slow and light but stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 and watch how far we take this **** not to mention the transformation from curious and timid to a real rubber and bondage lover.

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      Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two Wmv

    Beat Her Late Than Never Part Two  Wmv


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      Leather You Like It Or Not Mp4

    Leather You Like It Or Not  Mp4


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      Good Vibrations Part Two Mp4

    Good Vibrations  Part Two  Mp4


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      The Hunt For Red Enclosure Mp4

    The Hunt For Red Enclosure  Mp4


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      Beat Her Late Than Never Part One Mp4

    Beat Her Late Than Never Part One  Mp4


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      Fools Rush In Part 2 Wmv

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      Cum In The Cage Mp4

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      Thrilling Two Birds With One Bone Part Two Wmv

    Thrilling Two Birds With One Bone  Part Two  Wmv


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      Fools Rush In Part Two Mp4

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      Fools Rush In Mp4

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      Rubber One Out Mp4

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      Thrilling Two Birds With One Bone Wmv

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